National Small Business Week

Happy National Small Business Week!

This kind of celebration is near and dear to my heart, and not just because I own a small business. For me, this week I’m celebrating the freedom we have in this country to have a dream and follow it — to work hard and achieve big goals.

It is an honor to live in America and own Rebekah Scott Designs. Not only do I get to earn a living while cutting and sewing beautiful fabrics, but I can go live on Facebook and say, “Love Jesus.” I hope I never take this freedom for granted!

I think we have seen a new surge in the last 10 years or so of people valuing “made in America,” and I couldn’t be happier. I always tell people: don’t underestimate your zip code! As much as possible, let what you find on Google be second to your local option.

When you place an order with a local business, an actual human jumps up and dances. I’m not kidding! When I see an order come through, I look at the name, I look at where they’re from — I’m curious about their life. Shopping local is about relationships and connections.

To celebrate this week at Rebekah Scott Designs, we are featuring different staff members and doing a deal of the day on their favorite purse or accessory style. Stay tuned to your email and on Facebook so you don’t miss out!

Here are what my awesome staff members had to say:

Paige: Leather maker for 1948 Brand
My favorite bag is the 1948 Paige in sand leather with fringe. 

Emma Perkins: Blog Writer
Melissa is my favorite! I'm a mom of five, so I love a big bag that fits everything I need, all hands-free. I just received one in charcoal waxed canvas, and it's gorgeous!

Nicole Jellema: Customer Care Extraordinaire
I love the RSD Wristlet! It is perfect for a night out! It's hands-free as it can be worn on your wrist, and is just big enough to hold phone, wallet, chapstick ;) and any other essentials!

Shelbi Kriebell: Graphic Designer
My current fave — cause it seems to change with each purchase ;) — is the RSD Bible Cover!!! My Bible is barely holding together, and the cover makes it easier to transport and get a few more years out of it before it's time to get a new one!!! 

Kris Schneider: Social Media Specialist
Oh wow, asking me to pick a favorite is like asking if I have a favorite kid! LOL. My favorite small bag is probably Olivia. She holds exactly what I need when I don’t need a lot: my RSD wallet, my phone, a cosmetic with the small stuff, maybe a Polly or two, and my keys. For when I need a larger purse, I love the Peggy style. I like that it’s one strap, and if I wear it cross-body, it just hugs my frame. I used my Peggy at Disney World a few years ago, and it carried everything I needed for the long days in the parks while not weighing me down as we hustled from ride to ride. It also wasn’t too bulky to take on the rides with me. My favorite accessory is hands-down the Jovie. I love organizing my paperwork and files in something pretty! I have one for my coloring books, one for music books and sheet music, one for work files, and one for taxes (gotta do something to make those more enjoyable!). I also do have one for my laptop too. ;)

Laura Weisenburger: Lining seamstress
My favorite feature is the concealed pocket. Sometimes concealed carry can be a struggle as a woman, with options often being limited or uncomfortable. Not anymore with the concealed pocket! Another fantastic way I like to use my concealed pocket is to store baby/toddler diapers and wipes in that pocket instead of in the main bag. This way it’s quick to get to them, and the main area of my purse is still mom’s area! 

Amber Larsen: Website Assistant 
It's so hard for me to decide! I do think my favorite bag is the Amber Backpack, not just because it's named after me, but because it fits my life perfectly. I love all the details and features it has, yet it has all the room I need for everything I need to carry with me in this crazy stage of life. Plus, I'm always hands-free to do whatever it is I have going on that day.

Courtney Wichtendahl: Seamstress
I love my RSD wallet! So much organization in a small space, and the colors make me happy every time I get it out!

Rachel Schramm: Photographer
I love my Peggy purse! I love it because it has the swoop in the center, so it's not super deep therefore, I can see everything! Plus I love all the pockets, which leads me to my favorite accessory, Polly! I have three Pollies in my purse.  One holds my earbuds and a phone charger, a second Polly holds business/loyalty cards for those smaller businesses that don't have an app   , and a third Polly holds my camera cards (carry these between photography jobs) and my Fit Bit Charger. 

Amanda McMartin: Seamstress
My favorite accessory would have to be the wallet. It really holds way more than a person would expect by looking at it! I have 30 biz cards/gift cards/credit cards/etc. between the 12 pockets; two check registers, two partial books of checks, a pen and 15 dollar bills folded in half in the coin/welt pocket!!!!


Jess Leischner: Accessory Seamstress

Depending on the season, my favorite RSD product changes. This month, my favorite RSD bag is the Jenny. In my busy season of sewing prom dresses, wedding alteration appointments, planting, and farming, I rely on my Jenny to corral everything I need. It’s big enough to hold my lunch, my stocking cap and gloves (because who knows what weather South Dakota will throw), my water bottle, and some type of clothing that needs mending — and I still have room to put my Laura purse in there, too! It's also my go-to bag for traveling! For me, it is the epitome of multi-purpose!

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