Happy Bookworm Week!

I come from a huge family of teachers, so we are big into books. I grew up with both my parents reading their Bible and books in the morning, and the reading life has always been my normal. It’s not uncommon for one of my siblings to casually ask, “What’s your latest book?” just as some people ask about movies. 

Nowadays, the main way I consume books is by audio. It’s the perfect way for me to learn and grow while I’m working with my hands. 

What kind of books do I read? I’m a complete nerd — I prefer nonfiction everything. The few times I’ve ventured to anything else, it was … okay. :)

On the Encourager website, I’ve posted my go-to list of book recommendations. Here are a few that I especially love:

I discover new books through podcasts, other books, and especially recommendations from friends and family. There are also certain authors that I will always buy from, like Donald Miller, Bob Goff and John Eldridge.

I’m always looking for the next thing I need to learn, whether it’s about business growing, managing others, writing my next book or raising kids. I also talk about the books I'm reading all the time on the Encourager, and you can browse many, many episodes here

At Rebekah Scott Designs, we have our fellow bookworms in mind. Christmas is not far away, and maybe you have a book lover on your list. Here are a few ideas for you to browse!

  • Lizzie: great for reading glasses!
  • GrettaLaura and Lia: all great for carrying your books (my sister, Sarah, loves her Lia for this!)
  • Angie and/or Jovie: perfect to store and protect your computer or tablets for digital reading
  • Bible Cover: great for reading the Bible, of course!

Happy reading, to all my RSD bookworms!


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